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About Us

Everyday people around the world step out expecting their footwear to keep them safe and comfortable throughout the day. Cassino attempts to deliver upon the expectations of people with its extensive range of products. Cassino aims to be identified as a footwear brand that is synonymous with foot protection and comfort of the highest quality.

Cassino is meant to empower the wearer and inspire confidence. The shoes are a result of years of research to identify needs and develop befitting solutions which leverage the best in shoe design and manufacturing technology and deliver it to the market at the best price possible. We use our extensive knowledge in the domain of protective footwear design and manufacture to bring to the masses finest products made from the best materials. We are confident that our consistent focus on innovation and technology will make Cassino the brand that makes every wearer safe and confident irrespective of what terrain they step on.

From the rugged needs of outdoor professionals to professionals in boardrooms, Cassino caters to a wide range of wearers and their different expectations from footwear. Each pair of Cassino shoes undergoes quality assurance processes to meet internal and industry-wide benchmarks. We are confident that Cassino shoes will make every wearer more confident and safer with the use of our products.

Cassino Shoes, the professional gear India marches ahead with, comes from
The Liberty Group, a business house which has put the country on the international map with its range of high quality footwear.